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Month: May 2016

Explore Vancouver!

Now that hibernation season is over, you can rub the sleep out of your eyes, shake the lethargy out of your bones and begin to venture into the outdoors! We are lucky to live in this incredibly beautiful province called British Columbia. We get the best of both worlds, nature and urban living! Granted while we aren’t that “big” of a city, there is still lots to do! Whether you want to climb ...
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Need to replace your boiler or furnace? What better time than now?! True North Comfort is offering 10% off the install of a new boiler or furnace! Signs you may need a new heating system: Frequent repairs or higher energy bills Strange noises from your heating system Home has uneven heating Home is dry and dusty Home doesn’t get warm enough Furnace or boiler is 15+ yea...
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Spring Cleaning the KonMari Way!

Can tidying up be magical? According to Marie Kondo, yes it can! Magical in a life changing way. In her bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, she goes into detail about a cleaning system she developed called “The KonMari Method” (a combination of her first and last name). Inspired by home and lifestyle magazines from the age of 5, she decided at the age of 15 to throw...
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