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Meet the Team

Meet the team that makes it all happen.

Graham Beatty

After graduating from Bishop’s University with a degree in Political Studies, in 1994 Graham moved to the North Shore where he embarked on his adventure in the mechanical trades. Through his 20+ years in the trades, he has seen it all (or much of it) from being trapped in a bathroom by a 3-year-old (“I’ve got you now, plumber!”) to designing and integrating complex mechanical systems. Graham prides himself on keeping ahead of the curve and being well versed in many of the latest technologies.

While developing his experience in the trades, Graham simultaneously spent many years dedicated to sports. Realizing that his body could no longer take the abuse of rugby, in his late 20’s Graham took up “the old man’s sport” of downhill mountain biking. After several successful years at racing mountain bikes, Graham retired from racing to focus on growing his company, True North Comfort.

Today, Graham is married with four young kids. In addition to focusing on building the business, he continues to ride bikes as often as he can, but now the enjoyment comes from riding behind his kids and watching them rip down the trails while he’s yelling “slow down!”


Coralee Beatty

Coralee graduated from the BCIT Building Technology Program in 1998 at which time she moved to the North Shore. For the next 10 years, she worked as a building envelope consultant with a multinational engineering firm. During that time Coralee and Graham met, raced mountain bikes together, were married and had two children. In 2008, Coralee retired from the engineering firm and took on the position of general contractor for building their family home. In the following years, the family grew to add two more kids to fill the home they built.

Coralee’s consulting background armed her with the administrative and management skills needed to balance the strengths of Graham’s technical experience. Her office and organizational skills have helped to create a company that is strong both technically and administratively. Together, Graham and Coralee have dedicated their lives to their family and growing True North Comfort to be a successful company that helps employees and customers realize their dreams.


Gabriel Hodge
Project Manager

Gabriel was born and raised in North Vancouver where he now lives with his wife and two young daughters. After Gabriel finished high school, he moved to Australia for 2 years where he volunteered for a non-profit organization. He led teams of youth to remote places in Pacific Asia, volunteering in hospitals and villages helping to re-build communities. It was there that Gabriel gained a desire for more training in the trades.

Gabriel has since completed his plumbing and gas apprenticeship through BCIT, advancing his experience as a well-rounded tradesman. Gabriel joined the True North Comfort team in 2008 to further his training and experience in custom homes and has excelled due to his astute attention to detail and customer service. When Gabriel is not working or working on his own home, he can be found 4-wheeling or spending quality time in his cabin.


Shawn Doyle
Install Manager

Shawn was born and raised in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Shawn has been involved with sports at every level from a very young age. He played hockey for St. Mary’s University while studying business and commerce. Shawn originally intended to pursue a career in computer programming, back in the day of DOS and dot matrix. After being accepted into a full-time position in the transportation industry, Shawn decided to put his education on hold. Fast forward 28 years……. In an effort to provide greater opportunities for his kids, in 2015 Shawn moved with his family from Cole Harbour to the Lower Mainland.

Through his many years in the transportation industry, Shawn learned the importance of hard work and customer service and brings that to the True North Comfort team. Shawn’s strengths lie in his discerning eye for detail, his organizational skills and his perfectionist approach to all that he does.

Shawn has been involved in youth sports for many years through coaching hockey, ringette, and baseball. With two successful and active teenagers, Shawn’s time is mostly spent running from rink to rink to ball field to rink.


Roz Card
Office Administrator

At her young age, Roz has experienced life in ways that many twice her age could only dream of. Roz got the bug for traveling even before graduating high school when she participated in several school trips abroad, including Egypt, Italy, and Greece. After high school, she added to her travel experience by living in Australia for six months and traveling back to Europe and Asia. In between trips Roz spent time working as a travel coordinator in the Alberta oil camps.

Roz joined True North Comfort in September 2015 as the office administrator. Since then she has internalized our dedicated approach to excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to make sure the customers are taken care of. With her outstanding organizational skills, positive attitude and tenacious approach, Roz has proven that no challenge is too great and takes them on with a smile and an iron fist.