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Moving into the Cool Months…

Energy Saving: the key to success to cutting your energy consumption is behaviour and maintenance! 

These small changes this fall can decrease your bill!

Reducing drafts at the beginning of Fall.True-North-Comfort-Water-Leak-Repair-Vancouver

  • gaps in doors and around windows can lead to a lot of heat loss, especially during nights.Heres a link for adjustments: http://www.carpentry-tips-and-tricks.com/adjust-a-door.html

Fixing a water leak

  • water leaks waste thousands of fresh and usable gallons per year, adding onto your bill.
    • These are various leaks around the home that can be draining your budget: http://www.familyhandyman.com/plumbing/repair/find-and-repair-hidden-plumbing-leaks/view-all

Maintaining your fridge or freezer

  • Keep your fridge or freezer as efficient as possible through yearly maintenance checks
    • 5 quick tasks to easy refridgerator maintenance: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/home-improvement/maintenance-repairs/refrigerator-maintenance



Installing water saving shower heads and aerators

  • BC Hydro suggests installing water saving shower heads and aerators without sacrificing water pressure
    • Here is BC Hydros DIY – How To guide: https://www.bchydro.com/powersmart/residential/savings-and-rebates/do-it-yourself-and-save/install-water-saving-showerheads-aerators.html

Replacing incandescent lighting with LED, compact fluorescents or halogen incandescents

  • Choosing a different bulb than the traditional can change your light consumption by up to one-sixth.
    • Check out the comparision  here: http://www.bulbs.com/learning/replacementoptions.aspx

Lowering your thermostat and throwing socks and a sweater

  • Simple, easy and inexpensive, this can keep you warm without the cost of keeping your heat up!

Stay Warm!